Chupa Chups Rebranding and Ad campaign

Graphic Design, Motion Design, Social Media content creation
Project Overview
Perfetti Van Melle, a global confectionery giant, embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize its brand " Chupa Chups's image. With a rich history dating back to the invention of bubble gum in 1928, the company sought to blend tradition with contemporary relevance through a comprehensive rebranding initiative.
My Contributions
This project required extensive research and visualization, I started with Rebranding research leading to mood board creation, colour and brand voice definition helping me narrow down logo redesigning. Once the branding process was complete, I created the new chupa chups website wireframe and prototype. Next I started working on the Launch of rebrand utilizing power of social media. I created an add campaign and motion design package for its official you tube channel featuring a fun collaboration
Objective: The primary objective of the rebrand was to position Perfetti Van Melle as a modern, dynamic, and fun brand that resonates with today's diverse and ever-evolving consumer base while honoring its legacy.
Stage 1: Rebrand Research
Team members curated individual moodboards that explored a spectrum of visual elements reflecting the brand personality – light, fun, easygoing, and laid-back. These moodboards served as inspiration for the subsequent stages.
Persona Development: A unified persona was crafted, embodying the ideal consumer. This persona, named 'Joyful Jules,' represented a 25-year-old creative professional with a penchant for unique confectionery experiences. Understanding the target consumer's preferences was crucial for aligning the rebrand with the audience.
Stage 2: Rebrand Thumbnails
Visual Concepts:
Multiple thumbnail concepts were generated, each exploring different color schemes, fonts, and patterns. The palette included bubble gum pink, white, black, baby blue, grey, and yellow. Font choices ranged from playful and rounded to more modern and sleek options.
Stage 3: Rebrand in Illustrator
Selected thumbnails were refined and translated into Illustrator for detailed iterations. The team considered the scalability of the design, ensuring its adaptability across various mediums. The final designs incorporated the chosen color schemes and fonts that best represented the brand's new identity.
Stage 4: Final Rebrand
The final rebrand was meticulously developed in CMYK, RGB, black and white, ensuring consistency across print and digital platforms. The visual elements seamlessly blended tradition with a contemporary twist, capturing the essence of Perfetti Van Melle's heritage and its vision for the future.
Stage 5-8: Launch of the Rebrand
Social Media & Content Creation:
The launch strategy focused on a multi-phased approach. Social media graphics, storyboards, and wireframes were developed to build anticipation. A dynamic video incorporating motion graphics showcased the evolution of Perfetti Van Melle's brand, reinforcing its playful and light-hearted image.
Stage 9: Presentation DeckClient-Facing Document:The final stage involved the creation of a comprehensive presentation deck, documenting the entire rebranding process. This client-facing document provided insights into the research, design decisions, and the future plan for Perfetti Van Melle's brand. The deck emphasized the strategic thinking behind each choice, ensuring the client understood the brand's evolution and its alignment with current market trends.
Results:The Perfetti Van Melle rebrand successfully rejuvenated the brand's image, striking a balance between tradition and contemporary appeal. The new visual identity resonated with the target audience, breathing new life into the company's presence in over 150 countries.

Conclusion:This case study showcases not only the creative prowess of the design team but also the strategic thinking behind a successful rebrand. Perfetti Van Melle's new identity reflects a harmonious blend of history and innovation, setting the stage for continued success in the confectionery industry.

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