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Project Overview
Maunga Winery, a distinguished player in the New Zealand wine industry, embarked on a transformative branding journey to redefine its visual identity and establish comprehensive brand standards. Renowned for its commitment to sustainable viticulture and premium wine craftsmanship, Maunga Winery sought to enhance its brand representation cohesively. This case study delves into the strategic process of brand identity development and the creation of a brand standards manual for Maunga Winery.
My Contributions
This project required me to work on a brand from ground up. I started with brain storming ideas on logo, what the brand meant and what it wanted to communicate with its audience. After through research, I came up with logo then moldboard which inspired the golden hour colours of the brand to depict its romantic & mysterious qualities.  he main task however was to create the brand manual for internal and external stake holders, A well thought out document directing future designers, advertising representation.
Project Objectives: The primary objectives of this project were two-fold:
1. Brand Identity Development: Crafting a new visual identity that resonates with Maunga Winery's core values, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and its rich New Zealand heritage.
2. Brand Standards Manual Creation: Articulating and documenting guidelines for the consistent application of the new brand identity across various platforms, ensuring a unified and authentic representation.

Project Phases:
Phase 1: Brand Identity Development
Market Research and CollaborationConducted in-depth market research and competitive analysis to identify strategic branding opportunities within the wine industry.Collaborated closely with Maunga Winery's internal team to refine the brand essence, values, and personality.Design and DevelopmentDeveloped a new visual identity, incorporating a refreshed logo, carefully chosen color palette, typography, and an extensive set of brand guidelines that authentically represent Maunga Winery.

Phase 2: Brand Standards Manual Creation
Documentation and GuidelinesSystematically documented comprehensive guidelines for the application of the new brand elements across diverse touchpoints.Included detailed instructions on logo usage, color specifications, typography guidelines, and imagery styles to maintain consistency.

Results:The brand identity development phase yielded a distinctive visual representation for Maunga Winery, aligning seamlessly with its commitment to sustainability and premium wine production.The creation of the brand standards manual equipped Maunga Winery with a robust guide, ensuring consistent and cohesive brand application across marketing collateral, packaging, and digital platforms.Internal and external stakeholders now have a reliable resource to uphold Maunga Winery's authentic and unified brand presence.

Conclusion:This case study underscores the successful execution of Maunga Winery's brand transformation. Through meticulous brand identity development and the creation of a comprehensive brand standards manual, Maunga Winery now stands equipped with a compelling and consistent brand narrative. The project's success positions Maunga Winery for continued growth and resonance within the competitive landscape of the global wine market.
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